The SENTINEL-1 mission is a constellation of two polar-orbiting satellites, operating day and night performing C-band synthetic aperture radar imaging, enabling them to acquire imagery regardless of the weather. The intensity of the images is prortional to the roughness of the surface. This property, together with the high resolution of the images, makes them a perfect tool for searching for new ice, suitable for Nordic skating on lakes and sea in the Scandinavian countries.


The images can be interpreted in at least two possible ways: ice or open water, depending on factors such as wind strength and local geography. This may seem a large disadvantage but use of the SAR image together with local knowledge and ice observations from Skridskonet will be a huge step forward in finding ice. The scale below can be used as a guidance. However, be prepared to find substantial variations.


Obviously, the thickness or strength of the ice cannot be determined from these images. The strength of the ice must ultimately be judged locally by the experienced skater.

Images from the last 6 days overlapping a region covering Sweden, Finland and Norway (most recent on top)

Last update: Sat Jun 10 14:57:50 CEST 2017

Extra Wide swath images (EW)

Interferometric Wide swath images (IW)