The Swedish Speed Sailing Challenge


Alexander Sahlin Alexander Sahlin Fluid-dynamics research at the Department of Mechanics, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm 1985 to 1993 Has carried out the aerodynamic design of the MTL wind-tunnel built there 1990. Has won 14 Swedish championships in skate-sailing. Has designed a human powered hydrofoil, called Trampofoil®, with flapping-wing propulsion actuated by the pilot jumping on the foot-plate. Experiments with paravane stabilisation on sail-boats. Has developed paravanes for that purpose with improved durability and performance.

Jens Osterlund Jens Österlund Aeronautical engineer, PhD in fluid-dynamics. Currently at the Aeronautics department of The Swedish Defence Research Agency, FOI. Sailor since the age of eight and world-class International Canoe sailor. Has contributed to the Trampofoil® project. E-mail:
Phone: +46706026867

Göran Marström Göran Marström C.E.O., major owner and funder of Sail-Center of Sweden. Has developed 'one shot' production techniques where components like catamaran hulls, masts and rudders are laminated in one piece without glueing. Olympic medalist in Tornado. Sail-Center of Sweden is the world's leading manufacturer of Tornado catamarans and carbon-fibre spars.